We at Packaging Donkers think it is very important to stay innovative and keep growing. This is the only way we can guarantee our clients the best quality. At this very moment, we are building a hyper-modern site in Lier so that we can better meet your expectations and satisfy your needs.

In 2018 it is enormously important to have complete control over all steps in the production processes for food packaging. A product must conform to the rules and laws and we, as producers, must be able to track the history of every product in order to insure your safety.

In order to keep pace with this trend, we have organised our future production hall in such a  way that we can maximally automate and control all processes. In 2019 we will also obtain the BRC-certificate.

Our new location is nearly finished and our team is ready to move. A promising future awaits us. We will keep you posted…