Packaging Donckers built a hyper-modern branch in Lier. Discover the five reasons why our brand-new building guarantees top quality.

 1. More space, more opportunities
Packaging Donckers produces 5500 tonnes of packaging a year. The priority is always to offer our customers top products. Thanks to our new site, we now have space and opportunity for that. In addition, in the new building, Packaging Donckers has invested in the development of an automated workflow, which will lead to fast and correct work.

2. High degree of hygiene
Several measures have been taken in the new building to be able to guarantee a high degree of hygiene. Thanks to our highly trained staff, our customers are ensured a perfect end product. In our production space, for example, it is mandatory to wear protective clothing. We do not leave anything to chance.

For the end consumer, it is important that our products are safe and high quality. That seems obvious, but actually isn’t.

3. Thorough quality control
If you offer quality, you must inspect your quality. And that is what Packaging Donckers does. To design and manufacture products, we always take into account a detailed series of factors.
We always inspect and test our product extensively. Every type of ‘food supporter’ is subject to thorough quality inspection before it leaves our production unit.
It is important to every end consumer that our products are safe and high quality. That may sound obvious, but actually isn’t. Thanks to our strict inspection, Packaging Donckers’ customers are always certain of the quality and food-safety of their products.

4. Traceability and safety
All raw materials and products can be traced by us, so that there is no doubt about the origin when there is a question about food-safety. If there is ever a slight problem, we can act instantly and recall any similar products, thanks to our sophisticated traceability.
It is evident, of course, that the safety and quality of all products at Packaging Donckers are guaranteed. We therefore not only trace our products from raw materials to finished product, we also take into account the production specifications from clients and strictly monitor the hygiene in the building.

5. Efficient communication
Having a smooth production process requires good and open communication Management and employees communicate directly and clearly – at every level.
Making adjustments is done quickly and efficiently. Because at Packaging Donckers customers come first: thanks to our efficient communication they are assured of a safe and high-quality end product.

Would you like to see with your own eyes how high the bar is for the production of your goldies and other quality underlay in our new building? Contact us.