Packaging Donckers specialises in the manufacture of ‘goldies’ and other quality food pads. After years of experience we are now a renowned producer to many wholesalers. We process about 5500 tonnes of material per year and offer a wide range of food packaging that is regularly expanded.

Packaging is indispensable in the production of various goods in the food industry. It is therefore very important that the production of this packaging is carried out safely and according to the highest quality standards. Full control over all steps in the production process is required and the finished product must comply with strict rules and regulations. For example, we must be able to trace the history of each item produced to ensure the end customer’s safety.

That is why Packaging Donckers is always investing in technology, workflow and infrastructure. In recent years, we have been working on a hypermodern industrial building in Lier and have invested in the development of an automated workflow. Our efforts were rewarded because on 8 July 2019, partly thanks to the expert advice of AS4/Normec, we were awarded the coveted BRC certificate. We went further and our efforts resulted in obtaining the BRCGS AA certificate in 2020. In 2022, we even achieved the AA+ certificate, where AA stands for the highest level and ‘+’ for an unannounced audit. We are proud to announce that we are BRCGS approved again in 2023. We are extremely grateful to be able to achieve this level. Thank you to all employees for their daily engagement and follow-up to make this exceptional certificate possible.

The focus of the BRC/IoP standard is on the safety and quality of the packaging materials supplied, as well as on the procedures used in the production of the products.  The certificate requires a documented efficient HACCP and quality management system, staff hygiene and control of the production processes, among other things.

Safety and quality guaranteed

Quality and safety are important pillars for Packaging Donckers. Packaging Donckers is committed to producing high quality goods while taking into account continuous improvement opportunities with regard to the policy pillars, namely Food Safety & Quality, People & the Environment and Corporate Responsibility. The policy pillars are the foundation of the company policy and this is reflected in a clear mission statement, which is known throughout our company structure.

Mission statement:
Packaging Donckers is committed to an economically responsible enterprise
by being respectful of the current and future needs of its stakeholders.

By obtaining the BRCGS certificate, customers can be sure that all ‘food supporters’ and packaging are safe and have been produced in optimal conditions.

To continue meeting the BRC/IoP standards, Packaging Donckers always pursues the following objectives:

  • Focus on management to implement the required standards and keep them permanently up to date through internal audits
  • Extensive use of an effective risk analysis system.
  • Adherence to product safety and quality management based on the ISO 9000 standards.
  • Digitisation and monitoring of production processes to ensure optimal quality.
  • Continuous investment in training and informing personnel.

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